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data analytics services

About MGlobal Analytics

MGlobal Analytics is a boutique consulting firm focused on data and analytics that operates on a global scale.

We have an extraordinarily successful track record in helping organizations, governments, developing countries, and communities transform through data, fiscal, and financial management consulting.

Our Story

Our history starts back in the 1970's where founder, Tass Thassim, managed major consulting projects with industry leaders like Deloitte and KPMG. 


With decades of global management consulting experience and a team of experts, Tass created MGlobal Analytics to provide customized, boutique, consulting services that make a better impact.

How We Work

We are dedicated to solving our clients' toughest data challenges. We work with you to uncover actionable insights that optimize your processes, elevate your technology, and help you compete.

Our consultants are force multipliers that strengthen your team with deep domain expertise.

Why We're Here

Our clients deserve an unmatched experience and we are here to provide experiences like no other.


When you partner with a data analytics consulting firm like MGlobal Analytics, you're investing in the future success of your organization.

Deep domain expertise with time-tested experience. We are your partner in unlocking the answers hidden in your data.

Key facts about us


Years of Industry Experience

Our consultants have years of experience and come from big names like Deloitte and KPMG.



The diversity of our work only increases the benefit and impact of outcomes.


Developed Public Sector Staff Skill Sets in Australia

We collaborate with universities to develop and deliver financial management programs that improve the financial skills and capabilities of citizens, as well as federal, state, and public sector agencies.


Successful Implementation & Management

We are committed to providing only the best to help you achieve success.

Areas of Work



Providing a full spectrum of consulting in finance to help manage risk, reduce costs, increase profits, and innovate for long-term success.



We help government agencies with transformation and modernization through data. We work closely together to build countries that operate better.



We solve complex challenges at federal, state, and local levels by providing support to transform programs and optimize operations to achieve objectives.



We lead, guide, and accelerate the human capital side of change through engagement, training, mentorship, alignment, and communication with stakeholders.

Live Locally, Operate Globally

MGlobal Analytics is Australia based and works with clients internationally. The map below represent some of the countries, governments, and ministries of finance that we have served.

We can work together to uncover the answers you need.

Contact us to find out how data analytics services can return fast, meaningful, and actionable solutions that help you grow.

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