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  • What kind(s) of data support do you provide?
    Our data analytics services span across advisory, consulting, and managed implementation support. We find solutions for industries, companies, and communities. Key areas of focus include increasing sales, improving the buying experience, and elevating organizational profile / brand with target markets.
  • What form of files and deliverables will I receive?
    Organizational data, files, and documentation are provided on multiple devices and applications. Some deliverables may include internal or external sources. MGlobal Analytics provides actionable insights via data analysis software tools like Tableau and Microsoft Excel. Data visualization is typically provided in the form of dashboards or in presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • How are clients kept up to date on projects?
    Timing of project updates can vary depending on a project's scope and milestones. MGlobal Analytics always maintains close communications with clients throughout the project timeline and provides regular updates on actionable insights.

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74 Shirley Rd. Wollstonecraft, NSW 2065

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