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By business process re engineering reduced MoF size by 50% & made it an intellectual organisation

Business Process Improvement (BPI) Consultant, Ministry of Finance - Lebanon (World Bank) (8 months)

Worked with the Ministry of Finance (MoF) to restructure operations and shift the organizational focus from transaction processing to improved and effective fiscal management.

This project resulted in over 90 BPI recommendations covering twelve processes and procedures including revenue collection, financial and management accounting, treasury, IT systems, training, legal, property, office, and corporate services.

· Reduced Ministry size by 50% through elimination of labour-intensive processing activities. This changed the ratio of non-professional to professional staff from 10:1 to 1:1

· Simplified and sped up the collection of all government revenue and tax collection

· Established management accounting, performance monitoring and true treasury functions

· Ran a pilot program that enabled the MoF to be effective and efficient. Ultimately the program was adopted and implemented with multiple other government Ministries and Agencies.

· Implemented cultural change from a tight control mentality within the Ministry to one focused on service, accountability, and transparency.

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