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data analytics services

Data Analytics Services

Take your next big step forward with our in-house data experts.
We provide comprehensive data analytics services that
help your business optimize and grow.

Whatever your current goals, we are here to support you at all stages of your data journey

Data is a precious asset, so it should be treated like one. That's why our data analytics services are tailored to your business. Together, we can harness your data to drive business insights, automate, and improve processes.

Ways we help organizations reach their data goals


Every organization is different with its own challenges and needs.


MGlobal Analytics understands each clients' unique challenges and provides the right answers to make impactful change happen.

Data Consulting

Your organization is focused on building the business and pushing the needle; not deep in the weeds on Business Intelligence efforts trying to make sense of all the data.


Our expert data analytics consultants are sensitive to the unique needs of your organization, so we can help you reach your goals faster.

Managed Implementation

Your organization is the expert in your domain, but time and resources are limited.


MGlobal Analytics expands your core team to ensure a faster and more successful project. We dive in and provide support where it's needed to take you further.

data analytics services

Areas of Expertise

There are virtually no limits to what we can do with your data. The areas below are examples of what's possible.

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Data Collection.png

Environmental, Social, and Governance Reporting (ESG)

As climate concerns grow, so does the need for sustainable business operations.

With increasing evaluation on sustainable practices, we can help you make the right strategic decisions to support ESG efforts.

data analytics services
How we Collaborate With You

From data analytics consulting and strategic planning to assisting with building advanced frameworks or dashboards, our data experts do it all, starting with a careful assessment of your data quality. At the end of the day, you get a comprehensive experience that generates actionable insights.



Our data analytics consultants take a deep dive into your existing data, challenges, and capabilities to spot opportunities.



Before starting a project, we  carefully map the entire journey of deliverables to reach the desired outcomes, working hand-in-hand with your team.



Next, we will work with you to nail down use cases and discuss them with you to clarify the depth and functionality of data analytics services to provide.



We develop your solutions for data analysis while testing and refining them with each iteration to ensure we meet your business needs and objectives.

data analytics services

How Data Consulting
Adds Value

MGlobal Analytics adds value for our clients by delivering world-class data analytics and business intelligence solutions to organizations, developing countries, and communities around the globe.

Experience &

Talent and years of successful experience are a key differentiator for top results.

A benefit to working with a data analytics consulting firm like MGlobal Analytics is the access to experts in the methods, tools, and techniques to support data intelligence.


At MGlobal Analytics, our team of industry-leading data analytics consultants have been successfully serving clients on a global scale for more than 25 years.

Enablement & Empowerment

When you partner with a data analytics consulting firm like MGlobal Analytics, you're investing in the future success of your organization.


We interface with our clients' teams to enable and empower them with deep expertise that are crucial for solving their toughest data challenges.

MGlobal Analytics can guide you along your data journey as you go from A to B and beyond.

Recent Projects

Increased Efficiencies for Waste Management - Libya

Sector Strategy Advisement

MGlobal Analytics served as a sector strategy advisor to the USAID and MoF Libya.

Project tasks included a Systems Requirement Study to re-engineer business processes, blueprint compliance of business processes, team training & capacity building, prototyping & UAT testing, and implementation.

Project outcomes included development of a new Solid Waste Management (SWM) strategy at the national level and implementation of six pilot programs for this strategy at the local level.

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