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Implementing a NAB branch contribution system & corporate financial reporting system for CSR

Project Story 1 – Deloitte

Project Director, National Australia Bank (CBC) - Sydney (2 years)

Responsible for leading a large internal project team of banking office. Developed a branch performance contribution system covering over 750 branches by implementing a financial management, accounting, and reporting system.

This project reviewed and changed the management practices within the bank. What started as a centralized management of control transitioned to empowering branch managers with the motto “let the managers manage”.

Outcomes included improved culture and profitability of the Bank. The project was also acknowledged in the Annual Report for the Commercial Banking Company of Sydney, which is now part of National Australia Bank.

Project Story 2 – Deloitte

Project Manager, CSR, a large Australian public company - Sydney (2 years)

Led a team of accountants and systems analysts to provide board, statutory and management information for CSR, which covered over 200 legal entities, spread across several major industries including sugar, mining, petroleum, chemicals, building materials, and construction.

Travelled internationally on behalf of CSR to benchmark and develop a common chart of accounts. This took into consideration world best practices as adopted by Union Carbide, Coco Cola, Avis, and Coles Myers.

Successfully implemented a corporate wide, accounting, budgeting, management reporting, forecasting, and consolidation system for CSR using the strategy of a common chart of accounts.

The implementation of the common chart of accounts enabled CSR to ensure accounting data integrity, data warehousing, and corporate reporting in a uniform and transparent manner across all its diverse operations.

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